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    GAFE: Graphic Organizers

    Google Drawing Graphic Organizers 30 Graphic organizers for you and your students to use in the classroom! Access the website HERE -Thanks for sharing Sarah Baas

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    BCFT Core Competency Bulletin

    BCTF News Release Here is the entire resources for you to print, read or download, BCTF Core Competency Bulletin

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    Fake News Lesson

    Here is a lesson idea around Fake News and how to become aware of it and consider authentic, vetted resources when researching. Thank you Tanya Phillips for sharing! Fake News

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    ADST K- 12

    K- 5 Foundations: These students will have the ability to develop foundation in ADST  within the context of existing curricula. ADST content is woven into classroom activities. 6- 9 Explorations: These students

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    NEW Course: Foundations of Inquiry 11!

    Here is a great new course that schools are allowed to use within their schools. Great new way to support teacher and student exploration of Inquiry and learning while deepening

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    Feb. 27th: Teachers Learn to Teach Code, Gr. 4- 8

    New date will be posted soon! Access all information and registration HERE, coding-quest Grade 4- 8 teachers will learn how to engage their students in coding unit, based on provincial curriculum

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    Core Competency Ideas

    As we explore the New Curriculum we will be weaving in and supporting our students with the Core Competencies. These are essential elements that the students will need to be

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    Why move to Inquiry?

    Here is the chart:  

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