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    Teachers Learn to Teach Code – Gr. 4-8

      Are you interested in having your students learning to code? Grade 4-7 teachers can learn how to engage their students in coding unit, based on provincial curriculum and using

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    BC Digital Classroom

    Our district has purchased a vast set of ERAC websites and links that offer student centred ideas and resources for learners from K-12.  Each database offers connections to the the

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    Why move to Inquiry?

    Here is the chart:  

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    Healthy Transitions

    HEALTHY TRANSITIONS FROM HIGH SCHOOL TO LIFE OUTSIDE OF HIGH SCHOOL For Resources follow the link in the Parent’s Corner Menu.    

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    Core Competency Ideas

    As we explore the New Curriculum we will be weaving in and supporting our students with the Core Competencies. These are essential elements that the students will need to be

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    Computational Thinking and Coding

    Code BC has put together a bountiful resource for our new coding and computational thinking curricula.  The opportunities range from K-12 depending on you and your students experience with computational

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    ADST K- 12

    K- 5 Foundations: These students will have the ability to develop foundation in ADST  within the context of existing curricula. ADST content is woven into classroom activities. 6- 9 Explorations: These students

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