SD#62 Library Learning Commons

SD # 62 District Library Learning Commons:

In 2014, The Canadian Librarians Association supported the development of Standards of Practice for School

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Library Learning Commons, which was developed by the Canadian Library Association’s Voices for School Libraries Network and the CLA School Libraries Advisory Committee in consultation with school library associations and educators across Canada.

Here is a copy of the standards: CLA Learning Commons Standards

It is my intention to support conversations and explorations of our own Libraries and Learning Commons. If Teacher- Librarians are interested in exploring the potentials for change within their own Library’s/ Learning Commons then I would love to provide the supports for those to do so.

BCTLA has many resources available that provide resources to those interested in exploring the idea of “Library to Learning Commons”. Here is the direct link to their resources and documented inquiries

BCTLA Resources

CLA Video:

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Additional Resources:

Aaron Muller and Jean Prevost SD# 63: Libraries to Learning Commons

David Loertscher and Carol Koechlin: The School Learning Commons Knowledge Building Center