Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 9.53.03 AM The Teacher steps to getting an SD62 FreshGrade account: 

NEW as of SEPTEMBER 2017

  1. The consent form for parents is now online.  Have parents login to (click here or copy and paste the URL into a browser). Parents can only use the system if they have an email address previously entered into MyEdBC. Parent’s email address must EXACTLY match what is already on file in MyEdBC. Any changes to the email address of record must first be done in MyEdBC, and will take 24 hours to automatically get updated in the Consent Portal**
  • When using the Consent Portal for the first time, parents must use the front page to request a verification number (which will act as and initial password).  This number will be sent to their email.
  • Parents use the newly created verification number to gain entry into the student’s individual consent area where they can change their password. (It is recommended login and password be written down in a secure place for future use) .
  • Parents can then follow the instructions to complete the online consent for FreshGrade.

2.  Once you, as the teacher, want to move forward with implementing FreshGrade, contact Jennifer Mullen ( and request to get set up with FreshGrade. She will inform you via email when everything is ready to go.

  • Log in and make sure all of your students are on your list.
  • Invite your parents into FreshGrade. Access the “how to” video HERE

Student and Parent/ Guardian access: 

  1. Go to FreshGrade and they need the pin/ access code that you get once you allow them access;
  2. Students and Parents then enter the access code in the “I have an Access Code” section;
  3. Students and Parents can then then look to the left side of page and press “create account” and finish their account set-up;
  4. The teachers are the managers of the student’s logins and passwords if they choose, teachers can also reset them within FreshGrade 🙂

Support Resources

If you are new to FreshGrade and are curious about how it works and how you can use it in your classroom this year, here are a few resources to support the start of your exploration:

  1. Getting Started Guide, HERE
  2.  The website- (this also includes the “Support Center” for FAQ’s, how-to’s, etc.)
  3. Our Support Contact- – for SD62 end-users for the day-to day questions
  4.  Free training webinars, HERE

As well, here are more resources/ information: