*** See Computational thinking, Coding and Design and Maker pages for more options.


Chromebooks: There are 3 kits of 5 Chromebooks that teachers can sign out and use in their classrooms.

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IPAD MINIS – 5 Ipads with 3 chargers teachers can sign out for their classroom activities.  These can be signed out for extended periods of time.


Snap Circuits – We have 30 or more sets of snap circuits to help our learners understand computational thinking and electricity.



****For more resources please have a look at the Computational Thinking, Coding and Design and Maker pages linked to this drop down menu.


The Ministry on ADST please go HERE


STARTING PLACE: *Ministry Resource: Introducing Computational Thinking into the Classroom: Student Learning Module, Student Learning Modules MOE

ADST Teacher Guide, Teacher Training Package MOE


K- 9 ADST Curriculum HERE