Grade 10-12


Here are some Design Challenges that can be adapted for grades 10-12


New Parents Organizational Challenge – science, careers, life sciences, ADST

Food Wall Design Challenge – science, social studies, environmental studies

Frugal Improvement Challenge – social studies, science, mathematics, drafting, ADST

Physical Education 4 Everyone – physical/health education, social studies, life sciences

Mobility for the Aging – social studies, physical and health education, life sciences, ADST

Waste Management – sciences, ADST, physical and health education

Welcoming Party – leadership, social studies, dance, ADST, physical and health education,

Innovative Furniture – arts, ADST, mathematics

Water Conservation @ School – sciences, social studies, physical and health education, ADST


These are the UN sustainable development goals.  The goal is to address each one by 2030.  These areas are a great place to house design challenges and have such great cross curricular ties.