Grade 6 – 7

Computational Thinking

Lesson:  Gr.-6-7-ADST- Computational Thinking

Assignment Instructions: ADST-Grade-6-7-Computational-Thinking

Observation Sheet: ADST Computational Thinking Observations Sheet

Modification Ideas: HERE


Introduction to Computational Thinking into the Classroom

Student Learning Modules: Student Learning Modules MOE

Jeopardy Game that introduces you and your students to ADST (FUN!),


Design Thinking

Design Thinking Placements:

Design Thinking Planning Placemat

DesignthinkingMindFrameIKidFr-2 (1) (1)

SD62 teacher developed “In Deep Water” lessons:

This project combines Science, Engineering, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Design and Art in a sequence of student – centred activities that activate the core competencies as student try and survive after a plane crash.

In Deep Water – Design Thinking lesson package

Ocean Toolkit – COVE 2019: This toolkit provides a number of design challenges developing students’ ocean literacy, design thinking, and making abilities.

Design Challenges



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