Book Lists

Core Competency Book Lists

SD62 Core Competency Classroom Book Packs (Available through DRC for sign out): Core-Competency-Book-Packs (1)

Core Competency Book Packs Book list: Core-Competency-Book-List

SD71 Core Competency Book Lists (2016): Compentency-Books-for-Feb-2016-PD-day

Social and Emotional Learning Book List

GVPL created the following booklist to support Social and Emotional Well-Being learning from students, K-4 (2019): 7 Facets of Social and Emotional Wellbeing Booklist

Adrienne Gear Bibliography Book List

Compiled by United Library Services, this is a comprehensive list with books listed by a number of themes focussed around Understanding Self, Understanding Others, Understanding the World, and Reading and Thinking Across Canada: Reading Power – Powerful Understanding Anchor Books

Refugee Book List

The Saanich School District created this detailed book list focussed on books connected to the refugee experience, for grades 6-8: Refugee Book List for Grade 6-8