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Core Competency Resources for Teachers and Students

Core competency Classroom Book Packs (Available through DRC for Sign out) Core Competency Book Packs   Book Pack list: Core Competency Book List

Presentations for Classrooms: Core Competency Presentation- Middle & Secondary

Student Reflection Sheet: Core Competency Reflection Sheet

Student Reflection Prompts: Reflection Prompts for Competencies

Core Competencies Self-Assessment

Communication Reflection and Profiles

Core Competencies – Self-Reflection and Artifacts


Communication – Intermediate & Middle

Communication – Primary

Creative Thinking- Primary

Creative Thinking Intermediate & Middle School

Critical Thinking – Intermediate & Middle School

Critical Thinking – Primary

Critical Thinking – Secondary

Personal Responsibility – Secondary

Social Responsibility – Secondary


Primary Core Competencies Reflection Template

Intermediate Core Competencies Reflection Template

A special thank you to K. Kimoto for providing these for us.


Web Links

B.C. Core Competency self assessment with the six cedar trees