Math year plans for K-5

This is a suggested sequence for teaching concepts and content in grades K-5. It is not meant to be prescriptive, but supportive, to newer teachers who want a sense of how a year might roll out.

Concepts are first taught in the ‘full’ 45 – 60 min. lesson (that is, ‘Before-Explore-Connect-practice’). Once they are established, they are ‘rolled over’ into the daily 5-10 min. ‘Number Sense Routine’ which can happen before the full lesson, or at a different time of the day. This allows for deeper mastery, for sharing of strategies and for concepts to get ‘into their bones’.

Note: In grade K, 4/11 content outcomes are Number Sense, and 2/11 are Patterns and Algebra. 5/11 are the other strands – shape & space, 2/11, patterns and algebra, 2/11 and financial literacy, 1/11.). 55% of the Content is Number and Algebra, so 55% of your math time should be, too.

This is a draft document. Please send any suggestions or questions to Jeannie DeBoice,

Year plans for K-5