Physical and Health Education

Physical and Health Education (PHE) Curriculum and Supports

The Physical and Health Education (PHE) curriculum aims to empower students to develop a personalized understanding of what healthy living means.

The  PHE curriculum page contains the K-12 curriculum and instruction supports such as lesson plans, parent guides, and Aboriginal Education information:

PE-BC List of Resources

The Physical Education Provincial Specialist Association website contains a comprehensive list of resources to support teachers:

SD62 Comprehensive School Health

Healthy schools – also known as health-promoting schools – work with partners from the health and education sectors, and with those from the broader community, including parents, to support students to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

The Healthy Schools, Healthy People webpage contains a wealth of information and resources for students, families, staff, and teachers:

Physical activity breaks help students to focus and learn! Check out some of these fun, free, online resources for the  classroom or the whole school. Many activities have connections to other subjects including math, languages and art!

Whole School and/or Classroom Physical Activity Ideas: Whole School or Classroom Physical Activity Ideas

Healthy Schools BC

Healthy Schools BC, a key initiative of the Healthy Families BC (HFBC) strategy, builds the capacity of the health and education sectors to effectively implement healthy schools initiatives using a Comprehensive School Health approach. Strengthened health-education partnerships, tools for healthy school assessment and planning, and the coordination of existing school-based healthy living programs and resources combine to support improvements in students’ health and learning.

Healthy Schools BC involves a partnership between the ministries of Health and Education, DASH BC, health authorities, education partners, and other key stakeholders.

Extensive resources for grades K-7:

Island Health Curriculum and Resource Support

Compiled by Island Health, this PDF contains resources can be used to support the following PHE learning standards:

  • Social and Community Health
  • Healthy and active living
  • Mental Well Being

Island Health PHE resource support list: PHE Health Resources 2018

Sexual Health resources

1) SD68 list of topics/resources for health in each grade:

2) sexual-health-bc-1 (1) – this ppt for grades 8-12 is from the Teach BC site

3) Teaching Sexual – this is based out of Alberta but recommended on the BCTF site. The CALM 20 curriculum is very close to ours, and their sexual decision making resources could be used:

4) Beyond the Talk’ is Island Sexual Health’s sexual health information and education program that provides youth with factual and current information about sex and sexuality including birth control, sexually transmitted infections, sexual decision making, pregnancy, and bodies in a non-judgmental, sex-positive, pro-choice, and inclusive way.

General PHE resources

Cindy Andrew,, from our district’s comprehensive school health team has put together the following lists of resources:

PHE Resources Elementary 2018 11 26 (2)

PHE Curriculum Resources Middle 2018 12 (2)

PHE Curriculum Resources Secondary 2018 12 (3)

Whole School or Classroom Physical Activity Ideas 2019 01 pdf

Please connect with Cindy if you have any questions or suggestions for additions.

Stress Lessons K-12

Stress Lessons: Tools for Resiliency provides teens and educators with an opportunity to promote well-being, dialogue and learning, that is directly tied to curriculum. The learning activities are flexible and can be used to benefit the whole school, individual classrooms, or a small group of students. They can also be used by parents, and one-on-one with individual students.

Grounded in cognitive behavioural strategies, Stress Lessons: Tools for Resiliency helps teens focus on how both good and bad stress impacts their body physically, emotionally and cognitively. The activities encourage students to problem solve and develop a toolbox of psychologically sound strategies that can help them be resilient when faced with life’s stressors.

Stress lessons are available on The Psychology Foundation of Canada website.

Teen Mental Health

This website contains comprehensive, research based information and resources (including curriculum guides) on Mental Health:

2018 ParticipACTION Report Card: The Brain + Body Equation
Looking for a great short video that speaks to the importance of physical literacy and activity? Check out:
Ever Active Schools
Kids Boost Immunity

Kids Boost Immunity (KBI) is a free online learning resource for Canadian students that pairs local learning with a global reward: vaccines for children in need through UNICEF.
KBI provides free resources and curriculum materials to teachers. Interactive features on the site enable classes to earn vaccines that will be donated to a child in need through UNICEF Canada.

The website includes:

  • science and social studies materials tailored to the grades 5–12 curriculums across Canada
  • dozens of classroom activities and teacher resources, each of which are paired with an online quiz that students can take on their laptop, tablet, or phone
  • Team and individual leaderboards that track student achievement


Sugar Shocker Education Kit

The Sugar Shocker Education Kit provides fun, interactive activities to help grades 4-9 children and youth learn about healthy drinks choices: