Science World has supported fun and engaging science education since 1989 with award-winning programming for BC teachers, parents and students. Our vast collection of resources are teacher reviewed, classroom tested and matched to BCs transformed curriculum by grade.

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Science World Resources


Crash Course Kids Science Videos

An AMAZING resource for teachers focused on fun Science lessons. These videos will help support your students understanding of science concepts. Access the first one HERE

Or go to You Tube and search for Crash Course Kids

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Science Experiments for all Around Your Home

Great, fun ideas for experimenting at home and in your classroom, HERE

Home Educational Resources



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Here is a selection of resources and games made available for teachers and students in BC. There is a table on the left side of the page that provides options.

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Steve Spangler Science Experiments

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-2-37-36-pm  There are a variety of science experiments that you can do with your class, access all of them on his experiments page, for all Science subject areas.

Access the experiments HERE