Grade 4



Thank you to the teachers who were willing to share their ideas with us.


Big Idea 1: Biology: 

Teacher unit/lesson: Biology Big Idea 1

All living things sense and respond to their environment

Resources: DRC Kit for  Big Idea 1


Big Idea 3: Physics:

Teacher unit/lesson: Physics Big Idea 3

Energy comes in a variety of forms that can be transferred from one object to another

Resources: DRC Kit for Physics Big Idea 3

Physics Kit 1

 Physics Kit 2


Big Idea 3: Physics

Teacher Lesson/ Unit:  Physics and ADST Unit

ADST – Designs can be improved with Prototyping and Testing

Resources: DRC Snap Circuits

Instructions: Energy Transformation Instructions

Observation Sheets: Observation Sheet ADST & Observation Sheet Science Transforming Energy