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Helping Schools Resource for teachers. Explores topics like smoking, gambling, etc. using media and fun literature, HERE

Resource to help students manage Stress, HERE

Buck Institute of Education (PBL)


First Peoples Principles of Learning

Galileo Educational Network

The Historical Thinking Project

Making Learning Visible

Media Smarts

Networks of Inquiry and Innovation

Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind

B.C. Agriculture in the Classroom

Looking for a unique way to teach your students about food production? Sign up for B.C. Agriculture in the Classroom’s programs. Learning resources linked to B.C. curriculum are also provided. For their Spuds in Tubs Program, classes receive soil, tubs and seed potatoes free of charge. 

Learning for Life

Learning for Life aims to promote healthy lifestyle behaviours and build digital health literacy skills among intermediate elementary students. Using a fun and interactive approach, Learning for Life provides educators with curriculum-based resources for students in grades 4-7. The Second Edition of Learning for Life follows a comprehensive approach to facilitate learning, reflections and goal setting around five critically important healthy lifestyle behaviours, including physical activity, nutrition/healthy eating, sleep hygiene, stress management and social connectedness. Learning for Life also explores how technology can support students in being healthier, through building competencies in digital health literacy and facilitating important discussions around balancing technology with healthy behaviours.
Learning for Life resources are collaboratively developed with experts from education, clinical health, public health, and health research.
Teaching resources include:
  • Accessible and easy to use educator’s guide with lesson plans
  • Physical Health and Education (PHE) content for students in grades 4-7
  • Cross-curricular content matched to the new K-9 core competencies
  • Lessons addressing physical activity, healthy eating, sleep hygiene, and social/emotional wellbeing
  • Lessons building competencies in health, media, information, technology and science  literacy to build overall digital health literacy
  • New! Student activity workbooks available online or via download
Student activities include:
  • In-class activities
  • Take-home activities
  • Extension activities
  • Digital health resource lists
  • Book resource lists
  • An exciting online graphic novel, The Adventures of Patoo!
Evidence-Based Resources
The Learning for Life program was rigorously researched to examine the resources and observe its impacts on student’s healthy behaviours and competencies in digital health literacy, providing a strong evidence base for the program. The research also aimed to understand the experience of students, educators and parents who participated in Learning for Life to ensure the program is easy to use, relevant, impactful and engaging for youth. 
This work is made possible by the generosity of The Lawson Foundation and the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine.