Below are a variety of resource that teachers and students can use within the inquiry process. 

Introduction to Inquiry Resource: Inquiry Workshop – Tapestry 2017

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You access the full document HERE


Access the full document here: The Cycle of Inquiry



Access the full document here: Unit Design Template




Access the full document here: Inquiry Planning and Your Curriculum



Access the PDF here: Levels of Inquiry


Developing an Inquiry Question

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Here is a document to support your initial development of an inquiry question, Developing an Inquiry Question

Here is a document that provides some inquiry question examples in a few curricular areas, Refining a Driving Question



Inquiry Based Rubrics

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Examples to take and tweak:

Inquiry and Project Rubric

Generic Rubric Template

Physics 11 Momentum Rubric

Science and Tech 11 Course Rubric



Access PDF here: Assessment Student Inquiry



Quick and Easy Assessment Article!


This is a great article to support thoughts and curiosities around how to assess while engaging in inquiry. It is a quick and easy read and I would recommend it to anyone who is starting inquiries in their classroom.

Access article HERE