Activ8 Learning K – 7: Next Steps in Literacy and Numeracy Series

Activ8 Learning K – 7: Next Steps in Literacy and Numeracy Series



  • Early career teachers, willing to commit to all 8 cumulative sessions


  • Literacy and Numeracy foundations are at the heart of BC’s curriculum redesign
  • Early Literacy and Numeracy are fundamental and are applied in all areas of learning
  • With many new teachers acquiring contracts right out of University, this series will provide practical application and continuation of learning around the continuums of numeracy and literacy
  • In some schools, there are more new career teachers than experienced, leaving the mentoring to a busy few!


  • Focus on Literacy and Numeracy foundations, as we work through research-based professional resources (All resources will be provided and used throughout the year)
  • Sessions will follow a responsive teaching model using Formative Assessment to assess then plan for next steps
  • Supportive classroom structures, class management and useful routines will be woven in throughout our 8 sessions
  • Between sessions teachers will implement strategies and assessments, debriefing observations at subsequent sessions
  • NOT a ‘one-off’ workshop, but rather 8 full-day sessions that link to daily classroom practice
  • In-class support from the Curriculum and Learning Team to co-plan, co-teach, and offer any other support requested


  • 40 teachers in 2 cohorts: K – 3 & 4 – 7
  • 8 five-hour sessions in Literacy and Numeracy (2 ½ hours each)


Four in-school day sessions:

  • Oct. 10th (Primary) / 11th (Intermediate)
  • Oct.  24th (Primary) / 25th (Intermediate)
  • Jan. 15th (Primary) / 16th (Intermediate)  
  • March 6th (Primary) / 7th (Intermediate)
  • Three Pro D days (Nov. 23, Apr 12 & May 10th) & One C.I. day (Dec. 3)


Please forward any questions and/or names of interested teachers to Jeannie DeBoice ( by Sept. 28, 2018.