School-Based Spirals of Inquiry

The District Curriculum and Learning Team invites interested school teams committed to on-going collaboration that focuses on deep student learning tied to the BC Curriculum redesign, with a focus on Literacy, Numeracy or Inquiry. We will explore the big questions: Whats going on for our learners? How do we know? Why does this matter?

The Inquiry Framework will integrate Spirals of Inquiry, Changing Results Model, and Assessment for, as and of learning.

Schools are invited to form a collaborative inquiry team consisting of:

  • Interested teachers
  • Principal and/or Vice-Principal
  • Teacher Librarian/non-enrolling teacher

School Teams will participate in the following:

  1. Inquiry Launch Oct. 15. This will be a 90 minute whole group launch session at Olympic View to introduce this year’s Inquiry.
  2. Release time will be provided for each school team to meet 4 – 6 times, depending on the number of teams applying.
  3. Teams will share their learning at the Annual Sooke Teacher Inquiry Celebration at the end of the year (May 29, 2019).

School teams will be assigned a support person from our District Curriculum and Learning Team to help guide the team throughout the year in the ‘Spiral of Inquiry’ (Scan, Focus, Develop a Hunch, Learn, Take action, Check)

Interested school Teams should fill out the attached expression of interest and forward to Jeannie DeBoice, Vice Principal of Curriculum and Learning, by Sept. 28th, 2018.

Expression of interest form: School-Based Inquiry